Avan has been serving Australia quality, affordable, and easy to use campers, caravans, mobile homes for over two decades running. Their principle design ethos is not for the heavily off-road outdoorsman or outdoorswoman in the bush but for the average Australian that wants a simple caravan or camper to pick up, camp out, and pack right back up.

If what you want is a vehicle or tool to facilitate your nature camping, weekend tours, or any use you see fit if all you desire is a portable shelter to explore, enjoy, and celebrate Australia. The distinctly A-shaped and trivially effortless to tow products by Avan may be proper and perfect for you and the ones you love: the best and most straightforward answer to getting into the natural world.

The Aliner, the original Avan, is the camper that embodies the companies’ core design principles. Its A-shape offers a cozy, comfortable atmosphere inside, and the whole package is perfectly efficient for a couple to sit, sleep, eat, and prepare for the great outdoors. And it is solid, ‘no canvas’ walls offer considerable padding and protection from the elements so that you can sleep peacefully and securely, active and alert for tomorrow’s challenges and pleasures.

The Cruiseliner is yet another successful camper that follows in the Aliner’s footsteps. Its A-shape once again offers plenty of headroom where it is needed most, creating a cozy, comfortable, and spacious atmosphere. The main difference between the two sister plans is that Avan designed the Cruiseliner for more than two people and supports a family that is ache-ing for adventure.

The AdventurePLUS is an upgrade for both the Aliner and the Cruiseliner, offering greater flexibility and luxury with the same efficiency and straightforward design that made Avan famous. While it retains the 30 second set-up time, it revamps both models with more significant suspension, solar-powered electrical ports, and more to offer you a better experience while still keeping the simplicity we know and love.

The Aspire line expands upon Avan’s prevailing theme of comfort by adding a whole lot more space. If the Aliner and Cruiseliner were a bit too small for your tastes, then feast your eyes on these caravans by Avan. They come in both poptop and hardtop models that retain the sophisticated design, and world-class construction that Australians, Australia-wide, know is the signature of Avan.

The Sportliner is the camper for the singleton’s quick escape. When the mundanity of city living or work life, in general, drives you mad, then use the essentialist Avan Weekender to go into your sublime and serene nature reserve or spot of choice with just the basics. Simple, quick, and easy to use: the Avan guarantee.

An Avan Applause and Ovation truly deserves their namesake. Avan has refined and concentrated its central themes and design principles to form three types of motorhomes that rev, breathe, and exude the 5-star luxury experience at an affordable rate. All three classes of RV have many different models of their own to suit your every want and need because that is the Avan way: by Australians, for Australians.