Crusader has blown away the caravan industry with its precision and high-quality standards. Accredited by RVMAP Australia, the Crusader is an Australian built and designed caravan manufacturer suitable for Australian climate and topography.

Committed to the values and ethical code of RVMAP Australia, the Crusader is compliant with all relevant regulations and code of practice to ensure remarkable quality and consumers’ safety. Working along with the Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA), a top national body with over 4000 industry organisations under its wing, the Crusader spread awareness of the camping and glamping lifestyle benefits. The products don’t leave the Crusader factory before the RVMAP runs its audit to provide the best manufactured and safe caravans.


Crusader Caravans

Crusader’s caravans are not a camping/glamping commodity but a lifestyle enriched with exceptional features, competitive prices and unrivalled quality. Adept engineers and artisans meticulously place each fitting—a perfectly stable and sturdy van getaway to your favourite destinations and haven.

Crusader is streamlining the caravan industry by embracing the spaciousness, ease, and finesse in their designs and operations. The extensive twenty-eight layouts and five ranges of the model are like a bakery for a sweet-toothed- a perfect sanctuary for camping enthusiasts. When you have such comprehensive options with each so distinctive, you have to get one. The long-lasting caravan range incorporates a thick floor, solid chassis and A-frame with an utterly insulated roof, hail and under-body protection.


Caravan Ranges

The Crusader’s Musketeer and Lifechanger ranges proffer the exquisite features you could’ve only thought of in a caravan. The luxuries of these lavish ranges embellished with mattresses, bathrooms, massive storage space, air-conditioning, and cherry on top, Crusader offers its Caravans at a highly affordable price.


Lifechanger Caravans

The Lifechanger models, true to its meaning, aspires to be a pocket-friendly escape from the daily grind of stressful life, bearing a relaxation, adventure and serene lifestyle to you. Easy to tow, it’s a Crusader vow.


Musketeer Caravans

The distinct models of Crusader Musketeers proffer extravagance and beauty at a price that doesn’t strain your bank account.

With a smooth and stylish layout in addition to a robust chassis of 6″ Duratech, drawbar and entirely insulated roof and floor, a renowned feature of Crusader completes the enthralling picture. Let’s not forget the remote controlled bright LED lights, massive windows and 80″ high ceiling, adding to the spacious appeal.

The Crusader proceeded with an innovation and comfort journey, bringing a whole new convenience and magnificence level in a hybrid range.


Excalibur Caravans

The Excalibur range incorporates seven models, each with shock absorbers, free coil suspension, sumptuous kitchen and seating for a smooth cruising experience.


Chameleon Caravans

The Chameleon range, built to be your partner in countless days and nights, offers diverse sleeping choices with its adaptable chassis. The deceiving small stature nestles the most spacious interior equipped with solar power, readily available water, bathrooms, enabling a comfortable holiday. Make it yours, and you’ll be thanking us later.


CRV Caravans

One of a kind, the CRV range is exquisitely designed and manufactured with its compact, sturdy and weather-resistant technology. The range’s easy as pie specifications add to the charismatic look, leaving you enchanted.

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