Millard is one of Australia’s oldest caravan manufacturers, and their experience shines through. For over 70 years running, they have served Australians with quality and reliable products that strive to support Australians to enjoy the great outdoors without the burden of worrying about their safety or the state of their camper, caravan, motorhome, or any other product they serve.

Millard appreciates and celebrates Australia’s outdoors and nature at large. Hence, they specialise in semi and full off-road caravans fit for the trials and tribulations of Australia’s terrain and climate. Millard: made in Australia, for Australia, owned by Australians, trusted by Australians. If you want or need a caravan or camper that is reliable, powerful, and even economical, they will have the right one for you.

The Toura is Millard and Australia’s favourite semi off-road caravan model. Using hot-dip galvanisation and their signature world-class and home-grown aluminium frames, they built the Toura’s base to withstand the Aussie weather and the environment. And then, by using a single-unit fibreglass roof to avoid any water or air leaking through any joins, they protect the user and the precious contents from the elements. Finally, they conquer the bumpier of Australia’s unbeaten tracks by installing the Cruisemaster’s CRS suspension, sparing no chance for added strength, durability, and quality.

The mechanical specifications are not the only reason the Toura is the leading caravan since the interior furniture is revolutionary and luxurious to the caravaning world: reverse-oriented cameras, solar panels for extra power, and washing machines all come pre-built and are standard inclusions with each one you buy, with bulk, poptops, and customer-requested customisations available.

The latest Millard model, ‘Mflow’, is a refreshingly original design, informed by simplicity, essentialism, and minimalism. Retaining the single-unit fibreglass roof, the classic aluminium frame, and the hot-dip galvanised chassis they are known for, their main aim is to provide Australians with a sound Millard experience and nothing else.

The suspension system is a solid and straightforward leaf suspension built to support the capacity and capability of more significant and heavier payloads.

The peak and pinnacle of all off-road caravans designed for Australia’s climate and the terrain are here: the Millard Breakaway series. Using the signature hot-dip galvanisation process on a 6-inch steel chassis with underfloor sheeting protects against all sorts of water damage, and you do not have to be scared of any potholes or any rocky roads.

And the protection does not stop there, oh no. Checker plate panels pad the entire bottom row of the caravan. The massive 15-inch tyres are made for all terrains to instil a sense of safety and security wherever you go.

Millard’s slide on campers, ‘the Slide on’, are perfect for flat top Utes to make them a makeshift mobile home, yet keep the inherent upsides about them. This economical option still retains the Millard standards meant to last the Australian outdoors, but at a fraction of the cost of regular caravaning – due to the decreased bulk – and with the bonus of still allowing the Ute to tow another car, boat, caravan, or trailer.