People often take insurance for granted, and in a way, that is an excellent thing. The more insured we are, the easier it is to handle the accidents that lead to disasters and the events that are disasters from day one. So if you or anyone else insured – for fire insurance – lost a house to fire, you will at least not be monetarily in destitution. You can rebuild and recover from that catastrophe.

So that is why we, as many do, recommend you insure your precious and disaster-prone belongings. Remember, this is not about predicting that one will come to you; it is about securing yourself from the state after a disaster – Prudence, not paranoia.

However, do you need to ensure your caravan?

The law does not require it, and informal advice will say it is unnecessary to do so if you get insurance for your car. Since the caravan is ‘plugged’ into your wheels while on the road, any accident may invoke legally mandated car insurance. It makes sense, but what if a 21-st century gully-raker swipes your home away from home?

Most car insurance policies probably would not cover that, so you should think about getting caravan insurance unless you are alright playing with that risk. Also, it can get ‘unplugged’ while you are driving, and most car insurance policies would not cover those foibles either.

If you are ready to safeguard yourself financially from the risks of losing or crashing a caravan, let us move on to the two main types of insurance policies for it. Because, yes, there is no one-size-fits-all option even here. You may find and learn about others, but these self-explanatory types will cover most uses of caravans. And remember that our partners and we are happy to discuss policies more suited to your niche, and they will be ready to provide you with them.

1. Touring Caravans Insurance: For those that move or ‘tour’ road wide or otherwise by car tow or any other vehicle’s.
2. Static Caravans Insurance: For those that park theirs permanently, think a caravan park or similar.

Insurance policies may differ from company to company, so it is best to discuss with an agent or advisor. And read the contract and the fine print to see what they include or do not include disaster-event wise – whether they will ensure the contents or accidental harm, fire, storm or only theft.

Before signing onto any contract, selecting any policy, and even before picking a caravan, you should never forget to prepare for your usage. Ask yourself and any co-owners why do you want the vehicle? How many visitors do you intend to camp with, how often will you ‘tour’, will you stay on the road or not, how many insurance policies are necessary, and even where you will store your caravan.

You do not need to have comprehensive or definite – and certainly not restrictive! – answers to all or any of these at the start. Though, for the sake of your wallet and your peace of mind, we recommend you explore your options and any trade-offs with a financially savvy or interested friend or family member and our partners.


We hope the journey is smooth sailing from this point, the one before and the next after it.


Note: we cannot provide you with caravan insurance directly as under Australian law, only licensed companies may be able to do so. Instead, we offer our licensed third-party company services, and we will forward them only the necessary details you send to us when you contact us or fill in the form for caravan insurance.