The revolutionary designs of the Opus camper have set the camping world ablaze. The stylish foldable trailer designed to perfection is well adapted to Australian landscapes and climate following the Opus concept of tough luxury and low profile towing across the rugged terrains.

OPUS is built by Purple Line LLC, a product manufacturing and designing company of Recreational Vehicles (RV) and travel trailers.

Initially, the tent air-powered mechanism and hybrid design turned heads; however, their next-level capabilities did not disappoint.

Have you ever wondered what makes a perfect camper or what makes it different from others? We’ll let you know today.

The two most significant factors of the tug’s latent power and Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) determine the camper’s off-road ability. The exceptionally polished Opus trailer exhibits these compelling aspects at their best, enabling the camper to muscle its way up to any off-road challenge.

Air Beam Technology and Hybrid 
Lack of innovation has failed several products and companies throughout history. However, with its innovative mindset, Opus has robbed all the attention, introducing a new concept of a camper trailer. Utilising the recent air beam technology, the trailer’s annexe and canopy are just just a click away to inflate. The Hybrid design is no different, ensuring easy and quick expansion of your Opus into a magnificently functional living space. Thanks to the recent cutting-edge technology and designing technology, the top-notch reliability and durability of OPUS host magnificent experiences.

Looks are deceiving. If you ever heard that, you heard it right. The compact size is to fool you, and when you least expect it, it strikes you with the clever attributes packed inside. Opus can spice up your holiday and turn it into one exceptional experience. The homey feel and the luxury interior is a bonus. The versatile range of Opus gives a home-like experience even out in the desert, a meadow or wherever you are. The plush leather sitting, soft double bed, and fully equipped and functional kitchen are to fall in love with.

Aren’t you tired of constantly picking one best out of two? We don’t want to put you in a tough spot and choose between comfort and practicality; thus, Opus has both to offer at once. The standard layout holds four berths, but it can accommodate about ten people and berths, depending on the model and your needs, with a quaint sitting area. Accessible, luxurious, functional, and finished to excellence, Opus befitting your ever need for a fun, memorable one night or month trip.

With two double beds and an inner privacy tent, seek comfort in the warmth of your trailer bed after a tiring trip day. You can go on a friends or family holiday with your privacy still intact, a courtesy of a privacy tent.

The spectacular lighting and space of the tent with Skylights, LED lighting, windows, and interior height is yet another bonus you wouldn’t want to miss.

OPUS offers four different Chassis categories keeping your license and desired payload in view.

The benefits go a long way, but the most significant one, competitive pricing, will surely make you run to our Opus dealership. Along with being proudly invested in innovation and comfort, Opus is also concerned for its consumers, providing the most competitive and reasonable prices to proffer comfort with no bounds.