The opulent caravan ranges of the JB caravan has opened the door for new possibilities and caravan luxuries. The unparalleled product quality and solid manufacturing skills have earned JB Caravans their name in the industry.

Working its way up from a quaint workshop to Australia’s leading company, JB has put in hard work and skills for its fame as a supreme quality caravan brand.

Assembling the caravan piece by piece integrated with the flow-through process helps maintain the Caravans’ premium quality and rigidity.

JB Caravans deals from On-road to Off-road and family to Semi-road caravans. The models of each category showcasing products of one of a kind. The extraordinary attribute of Chassis manufacturing with 3.2mm thick with only Australian tube steel in its establishment adds a charm to its Caravans. The locally built chassis exudes its durability and longevity within the Australian harsh landscapes and climate with utmost perfection. The Chassis stage alone takes up serious attention and supervision of experts, who assess each product with solid guidelines maintaining consistency in all products and ensuring the perfect installation of various parts.

The eye-catching top-notch, and robust caravan has currently five ranges with ten models of unrivalled beauty, comfort and quality. The magnificent ranges are home to various Memorable experiences and tireless camping.


Family Caravans

If you need a mind-blowing yet soothing vacation with your family, you better start picturing it with the JB family Caravan range. Imagine yourself out with your all favourites and loved ones in the fields, meadows, dessert or whatever you desire. JB caravan will knock you off your feet with all the splendid vans apt for your family needs. Contact us to make your sweet little dream come true with an opportunity by JB caravans.



Australia has a widespread channel of highways and roads adjoining our charming towns and pristine water; you must not miss out. Explore the beauty of these roads and the splendours of nature residing in your country. The comfort, space and luxury that comes with JB is your perfect partner for a remarkable journey.



With curiosity surpassing that of a cat, humans always desire to discover and experience places out of their reach. While the Australian landscape doesn’t lack any but some of them are certainly out of reach. This is where the JB caravan pops in to save the day. Get to know your saviour, JB, the Caravans manufacturers with vans that will make your eyes pop out of their sockets and interior, leaving you stunned. The comfort, security and style ensure the gateway you’ve wanted all your life.


Semi Off-road

If you are an adventurer and seeking a shot of adrenaline-filled thrill, our beautiful rugged country has a lot to offer. However, can you get to it? Yes, if you’ve got the renowned JD semi off-road caravan, exclusively designed for beaten tracks leading to breathtaking destinations. Explore the different ranges Jb has to offer for your adventure.


Create your own masterpiece

Add your personal touch and create something of your own. JB offers customised vans, allowing you to manifest your flair and personality. You can choose your favourite colours and layout from the provided ranges, start now your new journey awaits.