Caravan Finance

Caravans, camper vans, and RVs are some of the best automobiles or ‘attachments’ you can buy. A simple one-word reason: camping. They are a portable shelter, and you are directly in nature as soon as you step out the door. There are other reasons, but we believe this one is closest to the only one you will need.

Before, the internet of information connected our information, like the internet of things for fridges, ACs, and even security systems. We had to acquire the quotes and rates ourselves, and everything would take a tad longer if you did not have a friend or family member who knew anything about it.

Applied in our world of caravans, the internet of information made acquiring them and even judging the best prices and rates a lot simpler. All you need is a computer of any kind: a library desktop, a tablet, or a phone. With some e-commerce sites, checking its lowest, highest, or best price is but a click away.

Learning about values and costs is all well and good, but it does not change the fact that caravans are worth more than the average Australian has in his or her pocket.

Some second-hand ones come under a thousand, but most of them are well above the one thousand Australian dollars mark. Some even nearing the hundred thousand dollar mark! And it does not take much to realise that that is a lot of money, though you would be getting a lot in exchange, so fair is fair.

If you think of getting a caravan but would prefer to save the cash in hand for something else, then loans and leases are here to save the day. Please do not go crazy with the amounts since you are still paying for it but on an extended timeframe.


Here at Beyond Right and Left, we look after the consumer and our customers.

Following that maxim, we recommend you pre-approve your loans and as many financial details, contracts, etc., that you can before plunging into the world of caravan ownership. So you can avoid any dodgy extra-cost dealings, but – especially if you shop with us – mainly to not deal with doing so when you should be enjoying your caravan and exploring the possibilities that come with having one.

And also, in any case, prepare for your life using it!

1. How many friends and family will you bring along
2. How many times will you tour per year, and how long will you stay each time?
3. What kind of RV experience do you believe is most valuable?
4. Do you have a desire for a specific aesthetic, a brand, or none at all?
5. What if any extensions, warranties, policies would be ideal?
6. Do you know what caravan is best for you and is guaranteed to be the one – if any – that will satisfy you?

We can help items three through six, but the first two will be up to you to answer. We can discuss it all, and we recommend you do so with friends and family or anyone you know whose opinion this matter you respect.

While we offer respected and trusted third-party lender’s services, we recommend following some essential tips and good habits since this is probably not the only loan you will have to face.

be realistic about your financial situation. Do not view it in a wholly optimistic and certainly not pessimistic viewpoint. Tend towards optimism, but it is best not to stray from the facts of the matter.
if you are not yet a financial guru or would prefer not to become one, do not be afraid of asking any financially inclined friends, families, or any trustworthy source or advisor.
ask, read, or otherwise find out any discounts or deductions. Sometimes an initiative by a government or a private company incentivises a particular path, e.g., green energy or small businesses, by reducing costs or bureaucratic red tape. Other times it is as simple as applying for membership, so keep an ear and an eye out!
the longer your loan takes, the more you have to pay in the long run. The lender’s profit and incentive is the interest payment, and it comes from your bank account or wallet.
try to deposit as much of the loan back. This early repayment cuts away at the amount of interest you will have to pay in the long run.
try to make ‘balloon payments’. One-off lump sums every term to decrease further the loan left outstanding.

And finally, remember that you do not have to be scared of loans. Some circles vilify them, but at the end of the day, they are tools. One person or firm has the money, while another firm or person needs the money. What you as a consumer need is not to be scared or solely save up – though we recommend saving – but instead have a healthy relationship with loans.

Treat them not as a well of free money but your future money without the wait. Do not spend spuriously, and ensure you purchase a reliable caravan that works for you.

Speaking of reliable caravans, that is where we can help you directly. We are a car dealership from Melbourne, Australia and the world’s coffee capital. We serve all Australians and anyone living in Australia, and we do an excellent job of it, too.

Whether or not you already know which one you are going to pick, we have the caravans, and we would be honoured to serve you one that matches well with your wishes, wants, and needs. Contact us for recommendations that suit your lifestyle, or browse our digital store or our brick-and-mortar showroom to explore your options or find one that catches your eye or intuition.