Humans are like free birds who do not yield for cages. Given the opportunity, they seek their freedom. Do you ever feel like going out in the open and let yourself be free of all stress and worries? A typical situation nowadays but unhealthy, welcome the hero of your tough times; Supreme Caravans. After covering a long journey of 30 years building Caravans, Supreme Caravan has earned themselves a mighty place in the Caravan Industry. Made in Australia, our caravans impart delight and flight to new destinations with durability and toughness. With an experience so old, the quality and skills of Supreme Caravan are unquestionable.

Dream it, Live it

Supreme Caravans proud motto is not just to exist in the corner of this world; instead, to live it, dream it; speaks for itself. These caravans are no ordinary sharing new means of clutching your freedom tight and living it right in life.

The multiple outstanding Supreme ranges stretches to various categories from small to massive family caravans, luxury to off-road and Bunk Caravans. With over five diverse models befitting to all on-road, off-road, and semi off-roads, the Caravan Industry is in for a beautiful surprise.

The Premium Quality Models

The Caravans models, made with great care and precision, are perfectly suitable for rugged Australian topography and harsh climate. The charming collection of layouts to choose from serves as icing on the cake to make you come back for more every time.

The models include,

– Classic Caravan Model
– Executive Caravan Model
– Base Camp Caravan Model
– Spirit Caravan Model
– Territory Caravan Model

The Supreme Model Durability

Beginners or those looking for something classy with a sprinkle of luxury, you’ve found your match. Boasting the essential features extraordinarily, this Supreme Model is your go-to camping or glamping van.

It is designed to be durable; the Classy Models are not afraid to stand tall facing the haughty harsh Australian weather or landscapes. Complete insulation, glazed windows, aluminium cladding and glued or screwed Meranti frame ensures its longevity and endurance against all odds.

Splendid Interior

The Luxury interior will not let you miss your home; instead, you’ll find it your home.

Supreme Caravan ensures to keep you trouble-free during the most memorable moments of your life, hence equips all the caravan with things you might need. The essential amenities present in the van will surely make your smile broader. Supreme takes care even if you’re not aware.

External Features

The top-tier attributes only double the fun. Supreme Caravans offer enviable external factors,

– Gas bottles
– Water tanks for freshwater access
– Triple lock to protect you
– Solar panels on the roof to give you power access
– Sturdy lightweight furniture
– LED Lights for a quality vision
– Microwave
– Oven
– Refrigerator
– Air conditioning
– Hot water system

The beautiful caravans are not only pleasant to the eye but make your expedition more delightful.