Have you ever had the feeling to go off-road but could not because it might harm or damage your caravan? Or even allow the elements to seep in and ruin your day, night, or however long your camping trips last.

Say hello to your solution: Golf caravans. Famed throughout Australia for their resilience, reliability, and versatility. For two decades running, Golf has been providing Australians with caravans and campers that are made fit for Australian weather and made within the same continent down under.

Golf caravans is also a proud partner of Australia’s leading non-profit organisation in the global quest to vanquishing cancer: Love Your Sister. So, please do consider donating a dollarydoo or two if you are willing and able.

The Challenger line embodies Golf’s values of high quality, reliability, and readiness for ruggedness: four designs of world-class, state of the art technologies and production procedures.

They all share the basic features of four mini barbies, electric water pumps, a 90Ltr 3-Way Fridge, an 80Ltr Water Tank with a level indicator, and many, many more.

The advanced features they all include:

– A single unit fibreglass roof, insulated to stop any leak and certainly all joins,
– A wall wrapped with fibreglass and a glossy gel coat glaze, single-unit flooring,
– An internal frame made of aluminium for that added durability,
– And a guaranteed rust-proof and jam-proof fully enclosed stainless steel lifter system.

All of the Challenger range have an upgrade in the Bush Challenger series. A direct upgrade dedicated to proofing the vehicle to the ideal challenger to the most rugged, remote, and ruthless climates and terrains Australia has to offer.

We recommend you get an electric roof lift to eliminate the need for winding, and for a smoother ride, the Fully independent suspension is worthwhile. We also recommend installing a solar panel since the great outdoors is usually a sunny affair.

The Golf X265 is a lightweight and compact camper, but since Golf makes them, they come with an independent suspension putting the bumpier of off-roads on the table.

The X265 comes with many features to Golf manufactured products and dual solar power panels, so you can keep your electrical devices topped up with its USB charging ports.

Do take extra care with unsealed roads, though; the default warranty does not cover any damages caused by potholes and the like. You will have to look at, or contact our third-party partners, for insurance policies safeguarding you in case of such an event.

Ever wondered what a tad more luxury would do to your camping experience? Golf has you covered yet again with Savannah caravans, available in hardtop and poptop forms, constructed with smooth panels to maximise durability without the bulk.

The lightweight-ness strengthens the fuel economy, which helps a bit when cruising along Australia’s roads and the independent suspension for Australia’s bumpier tracks. Through hot-dip galvanisation, the chassis is all the more robust and durable. When combined with two previous features and other Golf staples, the Savannah range allows you not only to tour Australia confidently but with a sense of style and security too.